Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet the CANDELS Team

The CANDELS collaboration is made up of over one hundred individuals with members from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, India, Israel, and Chile. These members work at a wide range of institutions, including large research Universities (e.g., University of California, Santa Cruz) and national facilities and telescopes (e.g., Space Telescope Science Institute, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, and NASA).

Not only does this group represent a wide range of countries and cultures, CANDELS is a coming together of members from several other collaborations working in each of the different deep fields in the survey. CANDELS has many senior researchers as members, but junior scientists, including many postdoctoral researchers (aka, postdocs) and graduate students, make a large contribution to the work. A number of undergraduate students are even working with CANDELS data, getting one of their first tastes of scientific research. Through this blog, you will meet a number of these scientists, as different people will write posts introducing themselves, explaining their research and describing their scientific results.

When CANDELS team members are not hard at work analyzing data and writing papers, you can often find them all over the globe, collecting data on observing runs, meeting with collaborators around the world, and presenting their results to the scientific community. Once a year, the CANDELS team gets together for a collaboration meeting, to discuss ongoing work and plan for the next year. Last year, our meeting was held at the University of Edinburgh's Royal Observatory (shown in the picture above). This September, we will be gathering at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Stay tuned to hear more about the exciting exploits of this unique collaboration!


  1. Cool! Can ordinary folk get to meet you, should you happen to hold a conference where we live?

    And is there, anywhere, a caption for a photo such as this, so we can put names to the faces?

    Jean Tate

  2. Hi Jean - that's a good idea! We really should caption the group photo! For a start, you can check out the 'Meet the Bloggers' page linked at the top of the page to put a face to the name for those of us that are blogging here.