Monday, September 10, 2012

Kicking off the CANDELS 2012 Team Meeting in Santa Cruz

As I type this, CANDELS team members from all over the world are arriving in Santa Cruz, California for the third annual team meeting. Over 85 astronomers have registered and will be meeting for the entire week at the University of California, Santa Cruz campus starting this morning. And what a week we have planned! The schedule is packed full of talks about CANDELS science and discussion of plans for the future. In addition, we will have social events throughout the week, such as a team dinner on Tuesday evening and a special event for the Junior scientists on the team on Wednesday.

The week will be broken up into plenary talk sessions that everyone is attending and breakout sessions where smaller groups of us can discuss particular topics in detail. For example, I will be leading sessions for the Morphology working group on Thursday and Friday mornings. We will be discussing the papers we have written so far and then we will discuss those we are currently working on and plan to write in the future. There will be other sessions on AGN, high-redshift galaxies, theory, and various other topics.

All this week, and probably into next week, we will be sharing various aspects of this meeting here. Not only will we tell you about some of the science we are discussing, we will also describe some of our future plans and social events. For a real-time look at our meeting, search for #CANDELS2012 on Twitter. @CANDELS_team will be posting, as well as myself and other team members.

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